If you want to reach new customers online then advertising with Google Ads or Google AdWords might be right for you. Your website, like any business, needs Marketing in order for people to find your website. When you advertise with AdWords, you’re investing in your business. Ads are ranked primarily based on how relevant and useful they are to what the person searched for, your bid, and a few other factors.


  • You will have a presence on the worlds largest advertising network
  • Drive Sales
  • Yields results faster than SEO
  • is Scalable, Measurable and Flexible
  • Complements other Marketing platforms
  • Traffic can Convert into sales
  • Display your Adverts on Google and only pay if people click on your ads

    Remarketing lets you show ads to people who’ve visited your website or used your mobile app. When people leave your website without buying anything, for example, remarketing helps you reconnect with them by showing relevant ads across their different devices.


    These are unpaid links to websites with content related directly to what the person searched for. The more relevant the site is to the search term, the higher the link will appear in the list. Your related website could appear here, but your ad won’t.